The Static Void Podcast
November 20 2015

The .NET Developer's Guide to Package Managers


NuGet burst onto the .NET developer scene in 2010 and took Visual Studio development by storm. We .NET developers were able to easily add key Microsoft dependencies like Entity Framework, ASP.NET Web API, or client-side libraries like jQuery and bootstrap. But now new package management is front and center in Visual Studio 2015. And there’s nothing stopping you from using them in your development toolbelt today. Where does this leave NuGet? And what will you need to get up to speed on now? Chris, Todd, and Jess talk about what NuGet meant to developers until now, and introduce NPM and Bower and their integration into the ASP.NET 5 beta templates. By no means is it the whole list of package managers you can use, but they will be front and center for web developers who live in Visual Studio. Mentioned in the show:

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