The Static Void Podcast
June 19 2017

.NET Core 2.0: Is it ready?


In anticipation of the up-coming .NET Core 2.0 release (and the preview currently available), Todd, Jess, and Chris offer their answers to some of the frequently asked questions around .NET Core, such as:

  • Does .NET Core 2.0 have all the namespaces/APIs as .NET 4.6?
  • Does .NET Core support Visual Basic (VB.NET) yet?
  • What about SignalR - is that available?
  • What options do I have when running my ASP.NET Core applications? Do I have to use IIS? What about Docker?
  • What is .NET Standard (and should I care)?
  • What’s the best IDE to use when building an ASP.NET Core application?

And, of course…

  • Should I start moving from .NET 4.6 to .NET Core now? Is it ready for prime time?

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